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The gaming world is filled with different kinds of games every year. Tons of companies and independent game developers release many games to satisfy our cravings. But in 2002, GTA Vice City was born and the gaming world was never the same anymore.


This 10th installment to the successful series became a massive hit with players worldwide. Even after more than a decade of existing, it’s still popular today. The secret lies in the incredible gameplay, retro graphics and colorful characters. Everything in this game was designed to give players the best experience in playing in the fictional city of Vice. But the question remains, can you finish all the missions?

Incredible Vice City

There are a lot of players worldwide that crave action, FPS and open world goodness all in one. Because of this, there are plenty of games such as the GTA franchise that are popping up every year. However, nothing comes close to what GTA Vice City has done in the past years.

If you’re looking for the ultimate classic GTA game, then this one is for you! Take part in epic missions as you seek for your revenge as Tommy Vercetti in this game. Here, you’ll stride along plenty of characters and missions. Enjoy the fictional city of Vice where everything is permissible – at least if you don’t get caught by the authorities.

Features of GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is a one-of-a-kind game that still makes waves even today. But to truly appreciate its charm, here are its features:


3D World – The gaming world is continually evolving every year. Every day, we see new releases of incredible games. There are plenty out there that you can play by now. But if you’re after classic games, then GTA Vice City is the one for you. This one has been around since 2002 yet it can hold its own against newer games. Such is the charm of this game which was made by Rockstar Games. Follow along the story of Tommy as he tries to take back his honor while getting back at the people who wronged him. This time, you’re going to the streets to take the role of the kingpin of Vice City. Explore the vast world that the developers laid out for you in 3D!

Incredible Cast of Characters – We all know that most players only look after the gameplay and graphics of a game. But it can’t be denied that this game has top-notch story-telling as well. Combine that with a powerful cast of characters and you have yourself a masterpiece. Here, your character will be going to be intertwined with many gang figures and events that will determine your status in the city. Enjoy the varied cast of characters with compelling backstories and their own quirks. There are a ton of cutscenes for you to enjoy their banters back and forth as well as some comic reliefs. Overall, there are plenty of things to appreciate in this game.

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Colorful Graphics – Another great thing about this game is the colorful graphics. The main colors in this game would be black, pink and white. Step into a whole new world filled with classic cars, items, weapons, characters as well as other elements. There are plenty to appreciate in this game because it’s truly one of a kind. Even though it was released in 2002, it’s still playable to this day. You can truly appreciate the wonders that the developers did to this game.


Easy Controls – Like most GTA games, this one also allows you to easily move your character in any direction you wish. You can do so thanks to the movement pad on the left. Then, you can do all sorts of things by pushing the buttons on the right. When you’re in a car, the controls change to allow you to easily drive. You can also change the controls in the settings for a more optimized experience.

Plenty of Missions – When it comes to missions, there are a variety of them you will need to do in here. Each will yield you different rewards but all of them are necessary in order to finish the game. There are plenty of gang missions that will allow you to eliminate enemies as well as other targets. Overall, you’ll enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay here filled with action, drama, revenge and thrill!

GTA Vice City Tips and Tricks

GTA Vice City may seem like a fun and easy game at first, but it’s not. You still need to learn a few things if you want to finish the game quickly. Here are some tips:


Tweak your settings – What this game features are a lot of missions that will test your skills. For this reason, you need to tweak the settings first in order to maximize your output. Otherwise, you can’t finish any mission. This is especially important when you’re driving. You need to choose which driving controls works best for you and for your device.

Don’t skip – Like most games, there are plenty of easter eggs as well as secrets that lie in the story. Because of this, it’s wise not to skip them if you want to have a truly enjoyable gaming experience. But if you’re truly crunched for time, you can skip them if you want.

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Download and Price of GTA Vice City

For PC ($6.38) -

For Android ($3.58) -

For iOS ($4.99) -

Final Thoughts

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into a world where crime, drugs and action exist? What will you do when you’re in such a situation? Can you take the heat? Find out now by playing GTA Vice City! Enjoy high-speed chases and FPS gameplays now.